Sabrina’s Hosiery Boutique


Beautiful Trasparenze Pantyhose

Why did I start this business? There are several reasons. First I have had some bad transactions on eBay recently with sellers who I don’t think agree with my lifestyle. On a few occasions they never sent the item, and just this past week after ordering 4 pairs of hosiery the package arrived with only 1 pair in it. AFTER contacting the seller they said they would refund my money but that they were out of the other colors I ordered. Who sells what they don’t have in stock? Not me. If I don’t have it in stock and you want it, I will get it for you. I place orders about every two weeks.

Second, I know it is difficult to buy items that certain people think we should not be buying. I still get nasty looks at certain stores when I ask to try something on or walk up to the register with all women’s clothes in my hands. There is no discrimination here. T-Girl, Woman or Man I treat all of you with respect. I don’t judge, and I don’t ask why. I simply want to provide quality, sexy and sultry hosiery at a fair price. My prices are a bit better than those on eBay and WAY better than most department stores. Many people forget that to have a successful business you need to have happy clients. I will not disappoint you.

Third, I have been selling clothing for a while now both online and, up until a few years ago, I had a small used clothing store. I am trying to build up enough capital to open another small clothing/hosiery store. My last one didn’t fail because of anything I did wrong rather┬áthe economy failed all of us. I have been fortunate enough to regain my business license, and enter into an agreement with two of Europe’s best hosiery companies, Trasparenze (from Italy) and Cecilia De Rafael (from Spain)┬áto carry their products. My hosiery boutique will eventually carry Cervin (from France), Oroblu (from Italy), and Gio (from the United Kingdom). As my business grows I hope to branch out to other brands as well. The wonderful thing is I am selling what I love!

Please buy from me so that I can keep bringing you these elegant hosiery choices for your collection!